Leroy Smith

In 10th grade Michael Jordan was cut from his varsity team after a faster, better-looking player took his place. That man was Leroy Smith. From then on MJ used Leroy as motivation to become the greatest player of all time. And now Leroy wants some credit.

Already a successful motivational guru with a wildly popular DVD series and the world’s most motivational website, getyourbasketballon.com, Leroy’s ready to share his story with the world.

For Leroy Smith we didn’t want to create a campaign; we wanted to create a living character fans could engage and interact with. This was a Jordan project, but intentionally with no branding or product placement. With the help of Charlie Murphy and director Tom Kuntz we created over an hour of original content, including infomercials, motivational drills and a 4-part news expose on the man himself.

We also created a highly addictive video game (Leroy’s Hall of Fame Challenge), the iMotivator iPhone app and the Get Your Cooking On Cookbook, and also recorded Leroy’s chart-topping single “My Gift to the Game” with a little help from producer Ryan Leslie.

Leroy conducted interviews with Scoop Jackson from ESPN.com, Darren Rovell from CNBC, and other news sources, and also made personal appearances all over the country.

Online we created a live Twitter and Facebook account for Leroy where he could talk with fans and give them motivational nuggets of inspiration.