Sportscenter Live

ESPN tasked us to come up with a way to promote SportsCenter going live in the mornings. Our solution? Create a completely live branding campaign with over 300 original commercials. These live commercials would allow us to stay topical and mention things happening right then and there in sports, just as SportsCenter Live will be able to.

But we needed someone the campaign could center around. Someone whom we could follow around for 3 weeks: invading his work, his life and his personal space. We tasked this person with carrying a clock that would count down until the minute SportsCenter went live, as a reminder of when the show was going live.

We had open auditions at the ESPN offices in Bristol and selected one real ESPN employee to be our guy. His name was Steve Braband, from Pittsburgh, PA.

For 3 weeks we followed poor Steve from the minute he woke up to the minute he went to sleep. Oh, and we gave him a 25-pound clock he had to wear around his neck all day. Thanks, Steve!

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