It was over eight years ago when we first dreamt up the “Your NBA Destination” campaign for ESPN, featuring the NBA on ESPN RV. Now eight seasons, over 40 commercials and nearly 150 arena-visits later, our campaign continues to live on.

Over 35 players from all-stars to NBA legends have appeared on the RV to date.

In addition to TV, OOH, print and a “real” RV interactive tour stopped at over 30 NBA games every season, while multiple unique digital components supported the campaign online.

Our “Hitchhiking” rich media units featured dozens of NBA players and legends trying to hitch a ride on the RV. Each held a sign that was completely “evergreen,” meaning ESPN could write current, topical messages about what was going on in the NBA throughout the season, each time they ran a banner.

The banners were module and allowed ESPN to pair specific players with a specific backgrounds to reflect a game or time of year.

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